We are a shared housing community.

Facilitating shared living to create a safe and affordable lifestyle for women who have retired from work, but not from living.


Look at these benefits of Better Together shared housing...



Our purpose is to promote social inclusion and a sense of belonging.

  Peace of Mind

Having someone else to share your residence means another person to look out for you and your property.

 Women Focused

Developed by mature women, to meet the needs of mature women.


Sharing a living space reduces the cost of living so you can afford to enjoy more things.

 Safe System

We conduct thorough reference and police checks of potential sharers.

 Government Funded

This is a pilot project funded by the Queensland Government until the end of 2018, so no cost to you.

The Better Together Housing is a pilot program designed to assist women find independant shared accommodation on the Sunshine Coast.

We are different to regular flatmate finders, we are tailored to helping senior women find suitable accomodation in a safe and secure way.

Do you currently have or live in a home you would like to share?

Are you looking for someone to share a house with?

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Register NOW to be a part of this innovative community

We are strong and independent women, challenging the status quo and adapting our living environment to enjoy a greater quality of life. This is a cutting edge program and we hope to pioneer the way forward for many like-minded women. Registration is simple and only takes three easy steps. Please call our office if you require help with your registration ph 0409 810 668.


Step 1: Register

All participants will be required to register. Whether you have a home you would like to share, or if you are looking for someone to share with. The online registration form requires participants to provide details about themselves and the home they are looking for.

Step 2: Create Your Story

When your registration form has been received we will send you additional forms to enable us to complete your security and police checks. During this time we will be working with you to draft your unique story to go on this website. The participants 'stories' will be published to the website without any identifiable personal details.

Step 3: Participate

As a registered participant, you will be expected to participate in the program in the comfort of your own home by looking at the stories of new people who register through the website. There are multiple avenues to be actively involved, through our Facebook page, special events, focus groups and face to face meetings with other participants.