Frequently Asked Questions

The primary difference is that all participants have undergone extensive reference and police checks before their profiles are published on the website. We also provide resources to assist you in negotiating your sharing arrangements, and host events where you can meet people in person informally and get to know them.

Currently we are hosting in the Sunshine Coast, Noosa Council, Mackay catchment areas and we are working on expanding to other regions. If you subscribe to get updates we will notify of any changes and expansion to the program.

This program is currently receiving funding from the Queensland Government Department of Housing and Public Works so there is no cost to be involved. You will have to fund the cost of your Police Check if you do not have a current one.

Better Together Housing is partnering with the Sunshine Coast University to undertake evaluative research about the program and the women who use it. By participating in the research, you are providing us with your unique experience and perspective. Your voice is important to ensuring we understand our members, can adapt and respond the program to emerging needs, as well as contribute to a broader knowledge base that informs program and policy development at all levels of government.

Single women over the age of 55 are the fastest growing demographic affected by homelessness in Australia. They have longer life expectancy but on average have accumulated lesser levels of wealth. For these reasons we are focused on single older women in Better Together Housing. The Anti-Discrimination Act (Qld.) 1991 says that a person or organisation may do an act to benefit the members of a group of people with an attribute for whose welfare the act was designed if the purpose of the act is not inconsistent with the Act.