About Us

Discover joy, friendship and security

by sharing a home

Better Together Housing is a program designed by women over 55 to meet the needs of independent women like ourselves. It is tailored to bring women together in a safe and secure way to find shared accommodation. Participants can be women who own or rent their home but are interested in finding a woman to share with, or women who are looking for a new place to live with one (or more) other woman.

The benefits of shared living


Our purpose is to promote social inclusion and a sense of belonging.

Peace of mind

Having another person to look out for you and your property.


Developed by mature women, to meet the needs of mature women.


Sharing housing costs means you can afford to enjoy more of what life has to offer.


Our participants are required to submit a current Police Check or Blue Card.*

How to register

‭*‬This is to offer peace of mind‭, ‬safety ‬and security for all members