Better Together Housing (BTH) has been created by two leading charities on the Sunshine Coast to address the rising cost of living and the risk of social isolation facing single women over 55 years old living alone.

This is a new concept that will be evaluated at the end of 2018 with the intention of expanding the service to the broader community.

BTH is a platform for participants to find someone to share with, it does not provide housing but does link people together who are interested in sharing their home so that can reap the benefits of a shared housing situation.  We do this by inviting interested people to register to either SHARE THEIR HOME or FIND SOMEONE TO SHARE A HOME WITH.

BTH believes there are many benefits to people sharing homes including:

Companionship our goal is to promote social inclusion with a sense of belonging.
Affordability sharing living space reduces the cost of living so you can afford to enjoy other activities in your life.
Peace of mind having someone to share your residence means another person to look out for you and your property.

You are in control.  We will not match you with another person.  We believe that you can make those decisions yourself if you have the right information to start with.

With these key elements in mind, we have created a system that has a number of safeguards built in so you can make your decision with some confidence.  These safeguards include:

  • Undertaking reference and police checks on all participants
  • Requiring those sharing their home to offer similar security of tenure to those of the private rental system.
  • Having participants sharing using the free Better Together support services if the relationship is not working as expected within the first six months of being established.

The Queensland government has supported the development of this program by funding the pilot.  Once the program has been set up costs may apply to new applicants only.  For those established in a shared home, your connection with BTH will be complete, but we will offer support or links to services that focus on maintaining good tenancies.


Sundale is a local service provider in aged care. Being local allows us to cater to people’s needs on a more personal level. We understand that getting old doesn’t mean you should stop living. We’ve been caring for our elders for five decades. Along the way, we’ve developed the wisdom, infrastructure, practices and financial security to offer a wide range of lifestyles, services and care for all members of the community.

Coast2Bay Housing Group

Coast2Bay Housing are the specialists on the coast when it comes to affordable housing. We are an independent, not-for-profit company committed to providing affordable safe and appropriate homes to individuals throughout the Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Moreton Bay, Redcliffe, and Gympie regions. We lead the way in developing community and affordable housing by working with our partners in government, the private sector, and the community to expand local housing options.

Why Are We Doing This? 

To offer retired women peace of mind, safety, and security when looking for a more affordable living situation. We seek to empower our participants by giving them the information they need to make informed decisions about their lifestyle. We are passionate about improving the quality of life for women over 55. 

Peace of Mind

We have developed a matching framework and support services with the aim of assisting would-be sharers to find the right person to share a home and maintain a healthy living arrangement. We have also pioneered rental tenancy agreement that outlines obligations and provides security for all sharers. This helps takes the perceived risks out of sharing a home, whether you are the homeowner or a tenant.

Who can Participate?

This pilot project is focused on single women over 55 years old who currently live alone. We support participants to find suitable housing in their preferred location. It could be women offering their home to share or someone willing to move in with someone else, or individuals wanting to start a new shared tenancy. 

The program has been funded until the end of 2018 and is subject to extensive review and evaluation that is being undertaken by the University of Sunshine Coast.  After the review, the intention will be to open the program to the broader population.