I had given up hope of having my own living space again. The prospect of renting as a single mature woman seemed grim and out of reach with the current rental crisis. 

Moving around house and pet sitting had taken a toll on my energy and normally positive outlook. Then, I found a link to Better Together Housing (BTH) and immediately posted a profile describing my ideal living situation. BTH facilitates the bringing together of single, mature women looking for rentals, together with women with properties and rooms to rent. A perfect match!

Not only have I found a safe and secure place to live, I now have contact with a new network of fabulous women who understand the housing dilemma and are supportive. I am no longer isolated or alone. BTH is serving an important and valuable service to mature women in our community.

True to the name, Better Together Housing has exceeded my expectations and I am truly grateful. Thank you.  Don’t give up hope, ladies. Good luck!
J Better Together Housing Member