FAQ Police Checks

If you don’t have a current Blue Card or a recent criminal history check the following information will help you to obtain one.
A criminal history check is cheaper so the following are two options that we believe are easy to use and come with some credibility. You will need to provide high levels of identification so you need to know the service you are using has some integrity.

Local Police Station
How to obtain a criminal history check at your local police station
– You may apply for a criminal history check in person through your local police station.
– Identification is needed such as a current driver’s licence and passport and other photo ID
– Fees apply depending on the type of criminal history check. We believe you will need the:
o National police certificate (national search, name only) which costs $56.50
Payment can be:
o Cash
o Bank cheque
o Personal cheque
o Money order, thru the commissioner for police
For further information, see:

How to obtain a criminal check online through Australia Post
You could apply for a criminal check through auspost.com.au. It is fast, secure and convenient.
– Start by going to the website (see link) and clicking the link on apply online now
– The application needs four ID documents
ID documents can include:
 Australian birth certificate
 Australian passport
 ImmiCard
 Australian citizenship certificate
 Valid Australian visa2 (with current foreign passport)
 Australian driver licence, learner permit or provisional licence
*For more ID document examples click on the link that says ID document required for online and in-store identity checks and it will give you a list of different ID document which are acceptable.
– Fees apply and payments are made through the following:
 Online: visa/Mastercard credit or debit card
 In-store: cash, credit or debit card

The cost for:
– Employees (digital certificate) $52.00
– Volunteers (digital certificate) $30.00
– Hard copy (delivered via registered post) (extra on top of normal cost) $10.00 (not required for BTH)
The process time of the online police check:
– Within 2 business days you’ll receive an email to access your digital certificate
– Complicated applications can take up to 15 days or more business days
– When a police check has taken more then 15 business days you may contact auspost on 13 7678
– When a hard copy is required it may take 7 business days to arrive through a registered post
You can also go to your local auspost store to apply for a police check
– You will still need 4 ID documents
– Fill in police check application form

For further information, see:

Better Together Housing is still exploring whether participants of our program are classed as “volunteers” or “employees”. We are getting conflicting answers. We will accept either type of check. As participants are not making money out of this program we believe you are volunteers. Watch this space.